Frequently Asked Questions!

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What, When and Where is Anime Matsuri?
Anime Matsuri is an annual Japanese culture convention with many events, programming, exhibitors, talents and celebrities who gather to introduce fans to their various industries.
Anime Matsuri will be held March 30 – April 1, 2018 at the George R. Brown Convention Center in downtown Houston.

What can I expect at Anime Matsuri?
Lots of exciting panels, workshops, concerts, fashion shows, cosplay (costumes in play), photography, meeting people, buying goodies from exhibitors and artists, a car show and hanging out with your friends!

Can anyone attend?
Yes. All you need to access the convention is a badge which can be purchased online or at the door. Check the registration link for details.

Is there an age limit to attend the convention?
No, Anime Matsuri is a family event. However, children 12 and under must have guardians with them at all times.
Some panels and events have an age requirement. Please check our convention schedule for the restricted panel/event.

Why is everyone dressed up?
It’s called cosplaying and it is the art of creating a costume and portraying your favorite characters. It is fun and anyone is welcomed to cosplay

What does the Anime Matsuri Event Pass include?
The Anime Matsuri 3-Day event pass will cover events during March 30 – April 1, 2018 (Musical performance, Fashion show, Concerts, Cosplay Contests, Reactor Car Show), panels, workshops, etc; over 700+ hours of programming AND the Exhibitor & Amusement Halls!
Single Day Event passes may only be purchased ONSITE and on the specified day desired. Single Day pass will allow access to the convention’s event(s), programming, and Halls as above on specified purchased day.
Optional & extra costs may include ticketed or reservations to Lolita Tea Parties, autographs & photo-ops with some featured guests, and Maid/Butler Cafe. More info about these may be found on our website.

What does it mean to Pre-Reg and why should I do it?
Pre-reg, shortened for pre-registration, means to buy an Anime Matsuri pass/badge before the convention starts. Attendees do this to save money (the badge is available at a discounted rate prior to convention by specified deadlines) and avoid waiting in line to purchase their event pass during the convention. Pre-registering also helps the convention organize better (e.g. Pre-printing the Anime Matsuri pass/badge in advance).

Where do I buy a badge?
Before the convention, AM passes (badges) can be bought here. For information about prices, please check the registration page .
At the convention, you may buy your passes at the Registration Area, located on the Level One of the George R. Brown Convention Center.

Can I buy a Single-Day pass instead of the 3-day pass to the convention?
Yes, Single Day Passes will be available ONLY AT THE DOOR/ONSITE at the convention.
Friday-Only Pass will be $55 (only available on Friday of the convention)
Saturday-Only Pass will be $60 (only available on Saturday of the convention)
Sunday-Only Pass will be $35 (only available on Sunday of the convention)
Children 5 years or under are free.
Kids Pass is available for ages 6-12. At Door Kids Pass is $30
Prices are may be subject to change without notice.

Can someone else pick up my badge for me?
Yes, as long as they have your confirmation email. Kids Passes must be picked up by the parent/guardian.
Sometimes, Proof of ID is required to pick up your badge. Acceptable forms of ID: School ID, Driver’s License, active Military ID, or Passport

What do I need to bring to pick up my pre-registration badge?
Confirmation emails are best and quickest. You can also bring proper state or national issued IDs or school IDs are acceptable forms of identification.

If the deadline has passed to purchase online, can I still buy a badge before the convention?
Unfortunately no. There will be no Early Badge Pickup for 2018 event.
Registration Hours can be found on the website under Information >> Convention Hours: http://animematsuri.com/info/convention-hours/

What is required to get a Guest Autograph/Photo-Op sessions?
Autograph and/or Photo-op sessions require their own ticket, even if the session is free. An Autograph or Photo-op ticket can be picked up at the Autograph kiosk, in the Exhibitor Hall.
Some Japanese Guest Autograph/Photo op require purchase of official merchandise.

Can someone else pick up my merchandise for me if I can’t make it?
No. Only YOU can pick up your ticket and merchandise. We suggest having someone else buy the merchandise under their name so that they may pick up the merchandise and then give it to you.
We will be checking for ID and the confirmation printout when you go to pick up your ticket and at WILL CALL line at registration
If items are still not picked up by the end of Registration on Sunday, April 1, 2018, we are not responsible for your item, and we will NOT be able to ship it to you. Please plan accordingly.

What happens if I don’t make it to my Autograph or Photo-op session?
There are NO REFUNDS or transfers available if you miss your session. However, you may still pick up your merchandise at the Autograph kiosk inside the Exhibit Hall located on Level One during its operating hours.
If items are still not picked up by the close of the convention, we are not responsible for your item, and we will NOT be able to ship it to you. Please plan accordingly.
Can I give a Guest gifts? If so, what is allowed?
Depending on the Guest, yes you may give the guests a gift! However, homemade food will NOT be allowed.
Where can I park? Is it free?
Parking is not free. There are many parking lots and areas all around the convention center: http://www.houstonconventionctr.com/Home/MapsParking/ParkingInformation.aspx