Fashion Show

2018 Fashion Show

We are here to break boundaries.

Returning to Anime Matsuri, Atelier Boz and Metamorphose from Japan will strike the runway with their latest creations. Debuting as a brand Shop in Wonderland is bringing a street fashion vibe to the show. From Korea, a new urban style will be displaying their influence while fashion brand LIEF presents it’s take on Lolita Fashion. For the first time ever, we will introduce the dreamlike brand Salute, Elegant Japanese Lingerie.

Friday March 30th will be a night of excitement and surprises.


Expect to see Anime Matsuri Guests bringing their unique styles and attitudes to the big stage

Hana Bunny

Cosplayer and Fashion Model

One of the hottest Cosplayers around who takes pride in immersing herself completely in her art. She is constantly striving to do better and to bring all types of fashion to the world. What kind of lovely looks will she bring to dominate the stage?


Tokyo-based fashion model and Lead Singer of band DISACODE

A multi-talented individual bringing everything she has to the stage. She is a trendsetter in the fashion world who is ready to reveal this year’s big thing in style. Be prepared for her to show something never done on our stage before!


Tokyo-based fashion model and actress

A model/actress joining us for the first time in America. Known for her amazing crossdressing, she is bringing some charm to the stage. Be sure to give her a warm Houston welcome and keep an eye on her to see how she rocks her own style.

Iori & Furuya

Swallowtail Butlers

Charismatic and charming Butlers from the famous Swallowtail Butler cafe in Japan. Secret masters of many talents, these two are no strangers to the fabulous world of fashion. None can surpass their elegance on stage!