Contest Rules

  • Dance-only skits are only allowed if the choreography is completely original. No Hare Hare Yukai, Para-Para, etc. If you are doing a skit that it INCLUDES those dances or songs within, that is fine. All skits are subject to prescreening.
  • 3/4′s Rule – Must move at 3/4′s for all tame combat and action, no broken limbs or stage equipment
  • Stunts must be approved by the Cosplay Staff.
  • Do not leave anything on the stage you can’t immediately pick up and take off with you. This includes: glitter and confetti. Liquids are not allowed.
  • Reference art strongly encouraged for both Walk-on AND Skit participants, no judge has seen everything.
  • All skits must turn in a script or you will NOT be allowed to perform. Preliminary script/concept should be included with entry submission. Final skit is due by February 1, 2017.
  • All skits will be pre-screened prior to the contest.
  • There will be no microphones available. All Skit audio must be prerecorded and emailed by the deadline to
  • All costumes must be from a video game, anime, or graphic novel (Japanese, American, etc. Same rules as video games). To clarify, if it is a REAL character somewhere and you have a reference, it is allowed.

  • All costumes must be at least 75% made or altered by the contestants themselves.
  • No costume can have won a major (Best of) award at any convention prior or have industry personnel performing. To clarify, you may not enter a costume that had already won a major award at a recognized event. If you have any questions about this please send them to
  • Participants in the contest are representatives of the community and as such are looked up to. Positive behavior is expected from all attendees. Any kind of harassment towards cosplayers, including but not limited to harassment on social media, will not be tolerated and will be grounds for dismissal from the convention as well as possible criminal charges.
  • There will be a total of 70 entries, this includes skits and walk-ons. All sign ups must be done prior to theconvention, there are NO AT CON SIGN-UPS. Once the spots fill up registration will close and a waiting list will be created. Submitting an entry does not guarantee a spot in the contest, Cosplay Staff have the right to select entries based on their own discretion, furthermore even if accepted to participate in the contest Anime Matsuri Staff reserve the right to dismiss any contestant for any reason, including but not limited to improper conduct, not responding to communications promptly, and not submitting media on time.

Changes to entries need to be emailed to , if you wish to change the entire entry including series and characters, please submit a new entry and send an email to communicating the change in entry. No changes will be accepted after Feb 1, 2017.

Due Dates for Media

February 1, 2017 by midnight

Audio/Video for both Skits and Walk-ons is due on February 1, 2017 by midnight, no exceptions. All materials that will be used during the contest must be submitted by the deadline. Failure to do so will result in your entry being dropped from the contest, at which time spots will open up for those on the waiting list. Acceptable formats for the backdrop include, MP3, avi, mp4, and jpeg with resolution of 1920 x 1080.

Entry Profile Pictures are also due at this time. This can be a picture in or out of costume and it does not have to be a picture of the costume(s) that will be worn during the contest. Please submit as high a quality photo as possible. The Photo must be height of 750 px by 500 px wide, no overlay text on the picture.

3 divisions for Walk-Ons

Time Limit: 30 Seconds


This novice category is intended for costumers with little or no prior experience making costumes and/or people with virtually no masquerade experience.
No member can have won more than one minor award or a major award at previous conventions.


The intermediate category is intended for people with some experience making costumes and/or masquerade experience or having a few awards for costumes.
No member can have won more than three major awards at previous conventions.


The Advanced category is intended for people with some experience in making costumes and/or masquerade experience or having a few awards for costumes.
Anyone may register for this division.

We recommend you pick your division during submission. If you still cannot figure your division, please pick the one that is closest to your level of costuming.


Time Limit: Minimum 60 seconds; Maximum 2:30

Time limit for skits is 2:30 minutes, while there is some leeway, if a skit grossly disregards the time limit it will be disqualified from winning an award.
Skits must be PG, no offensive language or vulgar performances are allowed.


At time of registration each entry will be assigned a time of 5 minutes to meet with the judges for craftsmanship evaluation. Craftsmanship judging will take place on Saturday during an assigned time slot. Your time slot will be confirmed and emailed to the primary contact’s email. Please be on time and bring your reference material along with any WIP pictures desired. A reference/WIP book for the judges is highly encouraged.