Deadline for this application is Dec 15, 2016 or when all positions have been filled

Submitting this application does not guarantee you a position in Maid Cafe.

  • Maid Cafe Application Form

  • Maid Cafe application is only open to pre-registered attendees
  • Must be at least 18 yrs of age by the convention
  • Must be jpg and less that 1MB
  • Link to your Facebook page. If you have your page on private, someone from Anime Matsuri might request an add 🙂
  • By clicking submit, I acknowledge that I understand the rules.


Learn the Terminology

For older women: Madame or Miss
For older men: Master or Sir
For little girls: Young Lady or Little Miss
For little boys: Young Master

Dress appropriately, and be well groomed

All Maids must wear black and white dress and aprons, head piece (may be personalized), black or white stockings and shoes/heels.

Optional attire for Maids include: colored wigs, colored trimmings, wrist bands, and tasteful jewelry.

All Butlers must wear black or dark gray slacks, white collared shirt, black tie/bowtie/ascot, and black or dark shoes.

Optional attire for Butlers include: vest, blazer, top hat, white gloves.

Other dress code: No sneakers, no piercings shown on face, no heavy makeup, and no cross-dressing

Be nice, but do not come off as flirtatious. We do not wish to give our patrons the wrong impression.

Act properly at all times, regardless of the presence of patrons.

(i.e. keep feet off the tables and chairs; sit with your legs together; try not to slouch too much when resting, etc.)

Be considerate of each other–if a fellow maid or butler is escorting a patron out and you see litter on the table, go ahead and start cleaning up if you are not otherwise occupied.

If any problem arises, do not panic. Calmly excuse yourself and contact either the Head Maid or Head Butler.

Try to be on time for your shift–if there is an unforeseen issue, and you feel you may be tardy, do be courteous enough to call the Head Maid or Head Butler to alert them.

Whether you are reporting in for your shift, or preparing to finish up, always be sure to check in with the Head Maid or Butler. Please do not simply walk out as soon as your hours are completed.

If you need a longer break period, consult the Head Maid or Butler.

Have fun! If you’re having a good time, your patrons will benefit from your positive disposition. 🙂