5PM – CardFight! Vanguard 1st Place Prize: 2 Sealed Booster Boxes of the Latest Set
6PM – Weiß Schwarz Demo
7PM – Magic Draft 1st Place Prize: Additional Boosters based on attendance
ALL DAY – Win-A-Mat and Win-A-Box



3PM – Pokemon 1st Place Prize: A New 3DS XL and Pokemon Y
4PM – Yugioh 1St Place Prize: $200 Visa Gift Card
ALL DAY – Win-A-Mat, Win-A-Box, 8man Magic Drafts



ALL DAY – Win-A-Mat and Win-A-Box

1st Place prizes are guaranteed. We will add more prizes for 2nd and 3rd places depending on attendance.

8 man flights for Win-A-Mat and Win-A-Box Mini Tournaments will be going on for all TCGs all day, everyday! When a pool of 8 people sign up, we begin. When we get another 8 sign up, we start another, and so and and so forth. Winner gets a Playmat or Sealed box of their choosing.

Table space available for Hero Clix (including maps) and Boardgames.

Erza Scarlet, from Fairytail by Kitsune Cosplay at the #AM2017 Cosplay Contest! (Photo by Luxe Studio Productions)
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