Take control of the microphone at this popular event!

Karaoke at Anime Matsuri gives you a chance to sing your favorite songs and rock the room with your star power! As the saying goes, “Those who wish to sing always find a song,” there’s plenty of songs in either English or in Japanese that’ll provoke the rock star or music idol in your soul!

Too shy to sing? Don’t worry, we’ll help you! This ain’t Anime Idol! This ain’t a competition! This. Is. KARAOKE.

@SAcrobat6 Early badge pickup was cancelled for this year, unfortunately. However, you can pick up your badges the Thursday before the con.
@MoonCosmicChaos Yes, both 3-day and single day passes are available for purchase at the door. Prices: https://t.co/Tme3cP5KxX