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"One does not simply wear one petticoat."

− Isabel Tobar

"Do you even frill?"

− Jessamyn De Vos

"Once you're in, you never leave"

− Jacie Huang

"Super frilly cupcakes!"

− Amber Theriot

"All about the skillz to show off your frillz"

− Richard DeCoux

"Mr. Yan is the guest for 2015"

− Stephany Thai

"Breaking the bank has never been so worth it"

− Ash Alonzo

"Hustling for sweets, rockin kawaii style in the streets, better recognize cuz we frill up into the night for that lolita thug life"

− Ann Nguyen

"Lolita is a team sport"

− Sarah Harbert

"We are friendly group"

− Kate Womack

"We always arrive fashionably late!"

− Elia Alie Sdlonyer

"Being modest is key when being a lady and sippin on tea"

− Evan Champagne

"Frills & bows & bonnets, oh my!"

− Chelsea Horsnell

"You do not choose the Lolita life--the Lolita life chooses you"

− Thomas Lin

"Life is too short to wear boring clothes!"

− Claire Ying

"Swiggity mag what's in that Lolita brand lucky bag"

− Homura LikeaPuellamagi Akemi


− Sally Yuen

"Customs, it should get here in a few weeks"

− Mahou-Shoujo Redgie McDanger

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