Main Events Concerts

All kinds of photography or video recording is strictly prohibited during the Main Events Concerts, only exception is official Anime Matsuri staff photographers and pre-approved press members. No other exceptions.  If you are caught violating this rule, your recording device is subject to being confiscated, your badge subject to being taken from you and you are subject to being removed from the convention with no refunds.

By attending Anime Matsuri’s Main Events Concerts, you understand and agree to the above rules.

Cosplay Contest, J-Fashion Show and Club AM

Photography is allowed for personal use only.

Additional rules

  • No Smoking in the Main Events Arena
  • No Alcohol allowed in the Main Events Arena
  • No over-sized bags or cosplay props in the audience
  • Everyone in the convention space including the Main Events Arena must have a valid badge or wristband.
  • You must obey security rules and respect security personnel at all times
  • No climbing on stage at anytime
  • No re-entry into Main Events Arena for 30 minutes after events starts

In addition to all above rules, all attendees are still subject to the Code of Conduct while in the convention space.