• Please observe all signs.
  • Seating is first-come, first-served. Due to fire regulations, sitting in aisles and seating beyond the room’s capacity is not allowed.
  • Be courteous during video presentations. Keep noise level to a minimum.
  • Anime Matsuri reserves the right to refuse admission to Panels/Workshops/Viewing rooms to those under 18 during videos and/or panels with adult content.
  • Be careful with Laser pointers. They are not harmless toys; they are capable of inflicting serious eye damage. Irresponsible use of a laser pointer will result in loss of membership and expulsion from the convention.
  • Water guns and projectiles are not allowed in convention space, any use of them in public will result in loss of membership and removal from the convention. All involved parties will be required to pay the cost of any property damages suffered by individuals, dealers or the hotel.
  • Respect cosplayers and your fellow attendees. Cosplayers, including participants of Anime Matsuri’s Cosplay Contests are representatives of the community and are looked up to. Positive behavior is expected from all attendees. Any kind of harassment towards cosplayers, including but not limited to harassment on social media, will not be tolerated and will be grounds for dismissal from the convention as well as possible criminal charges
  • Failure to follow the rules may result in loss of membership and expulsion from the convention.


  • Cosplay is one of the main features of Anime Matsuri. We kindly ask all Cosplayers to be tasteful with their choice of costumes.
  • Be careful with large and bulky costumes or costumes that have large or bulky accessories especially in high traffic areas.
  • No indecent exposure. Please abide by public decency laws and customs


  • Name badges are your access to the convention (Certain area require additional wristbands).
  • You cannot be in the convention without a Name badge. In case of loss, please report to registration immediately. You may be required to wait in line again & pay for a new badge so be careful with your name badge.

Children (12 years and below)

A parent or guardian MUST accompany children 12 years and below at all time. It is their responsibility.

Anime Matsuri is a non-smoking convention

Smoking is prohibited throughout this event.

Alcohol, Drugs, Theft, Vandalism

  • Legal drinking age of Texas is 21.
  • Drugs, theft and vandalism are illegal and will result in prosecution.