Autographs and Photo Ops will be held in Exhibit Hall C/Vendor Room. The Autograph/Photo Op Booth will be located by the Anime Matsuri Booth. Open during regular Exhibitor Hall hours.


Attendees are not allowed to line up for an autograph session more than 30 minutes before the scheduled start time. Attendees gathering in the vicinity of the autograph room before that time will be asked to disperse.

To keep the line moving, we request that attendees bring absolutely no more than two items to be signed. Items should also be prepared for signing. For example, DVD inserts should be removed from the case and posters should be unrolled.
For Musical Guests, autographs are only allowed on the artist’s merchandise purchased at the convention. One item per person.

Attendees are welcome to take photographs of the guests as they sign and behind the table only. Please do not ask a guest to come around and take pictures with you.

Only properly licensed goods are allowed for autograph.

All attendees also have to follow the Anime Matsuri Code of Conduct.


  • Superpass holders have priority in line for all autograph and photo op sessions and are allowed one extra merchandise to get signed
  • All international guests will require the attendee to have OFFICIAL MERCHANDISE to get an autograph. If a guest requires official merchandise, this means they will ONLY sign their merchandise sold by the Anime Matsuri Booth.
  • Reservations/Tickets will only be given out at the Autograph Booth each day for SESSIONS DURING THAT DAY. (Ex: You cannot obtain a Sunday session on Friday; attendees must come to the booth on Sunday for that session.)
  • Autographs are FREE. Yes, FREE. Reservations/Tickets do not cost anything. Limited to 90 people per session.
  • To guarantee an autograph or photo, attendees must receive an autograph reservation/ticket from the Autograph Booth. There are no pre-sales; FIRST COME, FIRST SERVE.
  • For Volunteers, we are introducing our new VPP system (Volunteers Priority Pass). This pass allows volunteers to line up behind Superpass. More detailed information about the VPP system will be announced.



Only 1 Official Merchandise may be signed by each member of Morning Musume

For General Attendee:

  • When an attendee purchases a Morning Musume merchandise at the Anime Matsuri Booth, they will be given the option to enter a raffle to win a Morning Musume autograph.
  • Each Person with purchased Morning Musume merchandise = One Raffle Ticket
  • The Raffle entry will take place during regular Exhibit Hall hours on Friday and Saturday. Winners will be posted Saturday night and Sunday morning at the AM Booth and at the Exhibit Hall Entrance.
  • Attendees will be required to bring their Raffle Ticket on Sunday to the Autograph entrance to be checked off. If the ticket is lost, the attendee cannot get an autograph and there will be no refunds for the merchandise.
  • A waitlist for the raffle will be posted along with the winners. For the amount of no-show winners after 11am, an equal amount of entries from the waiting list will be able to get the autograph.

For Superpass Only:

We are happy to have confirmed a second Morning Musume autograph session exclusively for Superpass taking place on Saturday, February 27!

Important: The Superpass Only session is a normal autograph session, not a raffle session. Superpass Only session is on a first come first serve basis. Superpass holders are still required to purchase Morning Musume merchandise at the AM Booth and show your receipt to get a ticket at the Autograph Booth. Tickets will only be available on Saturday for this session.

If you are Superpass holder and attend this exclusive session, you are not allowed to participate in the raffle for General Attendee Morning Musume session.


  • The musical act(s) will ONLY sign their official merchandise.
  • Merchandise will be sold at the Anime Matsuri Booth during regular hours AND at the Autograph Session after the concert: location TBA.
  • Reservations for musical act(s) autographs will be handed out during regular hours, if there are any remaining, they will be at the Autograph Session after the concert.


  • Photo Ops can be purchased at the Autograph Booth. CASH ONLY.
  • Reservation/Ticket required. Limited to 60 people.
  • Photo Ops include: One official Anime Matsuri printed picture and a selfie with the guest.