Minori is one of the most recognizable personalities in Japan’s shironuri (“painted white”) subculture. Shironuri has historical roots in traditional Japanese kabuki theater and geisha makeup. The theme of Minori’s shironuri work is “conversation with nature”. Her shironuri-related skills include fashion design, makeup, and styling. Minori is also a visual artist with a background in illustration and fine art. She is well known in Harajuku’s lolita scene and appeared on NHK World’s internationally-broadcast “Kawaii.i” English language programmed.

Even though her shironuri style is not lolita, it shares many elements with lolita and has lead to Minori Building a following in the international lolita scene. Minori has a background in illustration, and has performed live drawing at events in Japan. Even though she can perform live art, her fans are most interested in shironuri – so she believes that shironuri transformation and talking about shironuri culture will have the most appeal to international audiences.


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