There is no separate ticket required for the dance.

 Cosplay is not required, and you do not have to dress to the theme.


 You can line up early, but once inside the room everyone can move freely, so there’s no need to line up hours in advance.


 Princess Dresses


 Formal Steampunk

 Military Dress Uniforms

Dress Code

Attire must be generally formal. In general, think ball gowns and suits.

All attire must be clean and well-kept. No torn clothing or fake blood will be permitted.

Masks are not required, but are certainly acceptable.

No rave/dance party attire or pretty much anything with flashing lights will be accepted.

No bare midriffs or chests. Formal strapless dresses are acceptable.

Dresses must be of a formal nature. Casual dresses such as cotton sundresses will not be accepted.

All skirts must be at least fingertip length when you are standing. This does not include sheer materials. Slits may be higher than this, but please be mindful of the family-friendly environment. This rule will be strictly enforced. If you have any doubt that your skirt fits this rule, please message us prior to the event or consider wearing another dress.

Those dressed in traditional male attire must wear at least a formal, button-up shirt and dress slacks.

No jeans, t-shirts, denim of any color, plaid flannel shirts, or polo shirts will be accepted.

Sleeves of dress shirts must be full length. Short sleeved dress shirts will not be allowed.

Ties are strongly encouraged.

Non-Western dress is acceptable only if it is considered formal within the given culture. For example, a silk kimono would be acceptable, but a cotton yukata would not. Footwear that is otherwise prohibited within the dress code, such as Zōri, is only acceptable within a cultural context. Please do not attempt to wear sandals with a suit.

Shoes must be formal. Shoes are always the area that has the most trouble, so please double-check your footwear.

No bare feet, flip-flops, tennis shoes, platform boots, combat boots, hiking boots, crocs, etc.

Converse and black tennis shoes will NOT be accepted, as they are not formal.

Cosplay is welcome, but the costume must be of a formal nature. Some costumes are inherently formal, such as Princess Zelda, but an original outfit could also be constructed for a character, such as a formal version of Edward Elric (in a suit perhaps). If a cosplay is not explicitly formal, it’s best to check beforehand to make sure it will be accepted. Cosplay is difficult to pin down in terms of formality, so it’s better to be safe rather than being turned away at the door.

Although we enjoy and appreciate when attendees dress to fit the theme of the dance, we urge caution this year. Just because a character is a vampire does not mean they will be allowed entry. Some vampires with outfits that are NOT formal include: Akasha(Queen of the Damned), Marceline (Adventure Time), and Flandre (Touhou). In addition, NO FAKE BLOOD WILL BE PERMITTED.

No over-sized costumes, such as big armor or wings. These can be hazardous on the dance-floor.

Please leave props and weapons elsewhere. We won’t have a place to store them, and you’ll want your hands to be free for dancing!

Maid outfits are not acceptable. School uniforms vary in formality, so it’s best to check before hand. Typically speaking, male uniforms tend to be more formal than female ones.

Lolita will be accepted only if it is of a formal style, and fits the dress code. Determining the formality of a Lolita outfit is often difficult, so please check beforehand.

“Dandy style” shorts, worn with an appropriate outfit, will be acceptable only if they are at least fingertip length while standing. In addition, this style of shorts must be accompanied by opaque stockings that extend to or past the wearer’s knees.

Formal military uniforms are welcomed.

Staff at the door will have the final say in what will be accepted.

Rules are subject to clarification and change.